Blackspot Beacons Aim To Save Lives & Increase Road Safety

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It was reported that in 2014 1162 died on the roads in Australia. To help combat the increasing number of road fatalaties in Australia portable “Blackspot Beacons” were created. These beacons alert drivers to areas on the road where multiple fatalities and accidents have occurred. The device will send a warning through your car radio when you come across a “Blackspot” , which is an area where the road is particularly dangerous, thus alerting you to the danger in that area and encouraging you to be more cautious while driving.

The Blackspot Beacons, which are short range broadcast transmitters, are mounted to trees or road signage in “Blackspot” areas. As each car passes through the beacon’s range, the Blackspots Beacons targeted message will override the car’s current radio station to deliver a short safety message, warning drivers about hazardous road conditions directly ahead.

How the Blackspot Beacon WorksBlackspot Beacon Device

We really hope to see this little device pop up in the streets of South Africa some time soon.