KFC Little Money Big Fun A Parody Of #RichKidsOfInstagram

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To launch their cheapest meal ever KFC Romania, aimed to prove that you don’t need lots of money to have lots of fun. This fantastic campaign, Little Money Big Fun, by KFC asked fans to imitate the pictures of the Rich Kids Of Instagram and come up with their own versions of the #RichKidsOfInstagram photo’s. The photo’s were then merged and published on the website’s gallery and across KFC’s social media platforms.

This ironic play on the #RichKidsOfInstagram quickly made headlines and has since increased sales by 21%.

Nir Refuah, general manager at MRM Worldwide/McCann Romania, the company that executed the campaign said “We found the contrast between the lives of teens in Romania and the pictures of rich kids on Instagram to be a great playground for creative work, by asking Romanian teens to repose those rich kids photos, we aimed to prove that you can be creative and have fun even if you can’t afford luxurious brands and a private jet.”

Here are some of our favorite imitations.

KFC Imitates Rich Kids in Viral Campaign for Cheap Meals

KFC Little Money Big Fun - Rolling In Money Imitation

Little Money Big Fun - Car to Bicycle Imitation

Little Money Big Fun - My Tiger Is Better Than Yours Spoof

Little Money Big Fun - My Ring Is Better Than Yours Parody