Meme Monday: The Dad Bod

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I honestly don’t quite understand this, or what it really means, but apparently for a week or so, it was cool to have a beer belly. #winning for those of us with a full keg rather than a six pack if you know what I mean.

Somehow Leo became the face of this trend and we are somehow okay with this – real men have curves! None of this makes any sense, but never look a gift horse in the mouth, or something like that. Here is the original article to try and help your confused brain.

I don’t know if it is the elation that I don’t need to be in the gym 17 times a day, or the sheer confusion around this whole thing and how suddenly Leo has become a God to men as well, but this makes zero sense. Anyway, here is an interview with the wonderful lady responsible for this who shebang. To make it all worse, one of our heroes Chris Pratt betrayed us and turned his Dad Bod in for soem muscles. Pffft.