Friday Findings – Another Long Weekend

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It literally feels like yesterday that we were writing our last Friday Findings post and yet here we are again, another long weekend, another Friday Findings. With all the free time you’ll have over the weekend, here’s a list of the latest articles about digital marketing:

  • [Design] Earlier this week we shared an article about Parallax Scrolling. We’ve always wondered whether people found the technique as engaging or annoying. The team at User Testing took a shot at this topic and there is some interesting feedback.
  • [Design] Landing Pages are one of the most important aspects of a website that you’ll ever approach. It’s these very pages that create the difference between a user who leaves your website or one that ends up purchasing. Nichole DeMeré has written up a quick and dirty guide to landing pages which you can read and comment on here.
  • [Presentations] Do you give a lot of presentations? Ever wondered what works and what doesn’t? An incredibly popular article this week, written by Ross Simmonds, details 4 lessons he’s learnt from spending over $20,000 on creating SlideShare Presentations.
  • [Presentations] On the subject of presentations, Airbnb is valued at $20 billion – have a look at their first ever presentation.
  • [Social] If you use LinkedIn as a social connecting tool then this guide will assist you in using the Relationship Tab to improve your networking and success.
  • [Social] Several months ago it was announced that Twitter and Google would be teaming up again and it has now been said that this will happen in May – Twitter’s full Google Search integration.
  • [PPC] The bigger Google grows, the more time they put into Google AdWords. Are you looking to hire a PPC professional, or do you want to be a PPC professional? This interesting article describes the key traits of an amazing PPC account manager.
  • [SEO] Has your website been hit by a Google update? We’ve tracked down an incredibly useful step-by-step guide to identifying bad links and how to go about removing them.
  • [SEO] Anyone who has worked in SEO will know that Schema comes and goes as being really important. now have schema mark up for emails and this week Kristi Hines takes a look at schema markup for email.

Have a great long weekend everyone!