Friday Findings: Steered by Twitter

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This week for Friday Findings we wanted to mix things up a little, instead of sharing articles we’ve read through the week from various websites we’re going to share articles tweeted by credible digital marketers from around the world. There’s a mixed bag here, so have a read of the topics and choose the ones that peak your interest most:

  1. [SEO / Mobile] With the Google Mobile Update just around the corner, this short article details the most important aspects.
  2. [Search] Do you use Google My Business? Of course you do! Here’s an article on how to optimise your profile image.
  3. [eCommerce] For the eCommerce folks, here’s an article about 50 eCommerce experts and their best advise.
  4. [PPC] 5 Trick to implement into your PPC strategy this year, read more.
  5. [Extension] The free SimiliarWeb extension for Chrome shows you in-depth website engagement, traffic sources and rankings.
  6. [Thank you] If you’re reading this one, we’d just like to thank you for taking the time to read our blog posts.
  7. [Social] How is Google+ really doing? We shared this a couple of days ago, but if you missed it you can read it here.
  8. [Search] Google are testing commercialised answer boxes, read about them now.
  9. [Tool] Read This Thing.. An interesting service that shows you only one interesting piece of content a day.
  10. [Mobile] The future of mobile is search, click here to read an interesting article.

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