Friday Findings: Moaaaar Emooi's!

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Here at iMod Digital we’re big fans of AMA’s. AMA stands for Ask Me Anything and it’s a popular term used on the Internet. On, they have an AMA section where anybody can say, “Hello, I am Bruce, VP of XYZ, AMA” – meaning that Bruce who is a VP of a company is making himself available for any question you might have to ask. These forums give people to opportunity to ask top professionals anything that might be on their mind and it’s through these sessions that incredible insight is unlocked, often more insight than articles on the Internet provide. There have been some excellent AMA’s recently:

We hope that you can take the time to have a peak through those discussions as there really is some excellent insight.

Some other interesting topics have surfaced over the past week, we’ll give you a recap:

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  • [Social Media] Twitter users will be happy to see that they’re working on a new search experience – read more.
  • [Social Media] Do you share social media accounts? Here’s an article that shows you how to control access – read more.
  • [SEO] Google announces that Penguin and Panda still require manual pushes – read more.
  • [Mobile] iOS 8.3 has been launched and introduces more Emoji’s – read more.
  • [CRO] 32 Useful tools for conversion rate optimisation – read more.
  • [SEP] Actionable SEO copywriting tips and tricks – read more.

Have a great weekend everyone!