Using Udemy for content marketing ideas

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Writing great content has become incredibly important when it comes to SEO, more so than ever. Ensuring that your website has a freshly updated blog or news area is becoming increasingly important and for those who really want to gain momentum from content are realising that writing a quick article is no longer the real solution. We have to create compelling content that engages with our readers, not only for SEO purposes but to prompt them to take action or to see us as leaders in the industry.

One trick we picked up on was to use various services online to gain insight into what topics are receiving attention from the public. One such service that is really useful for this is Udemy. Udemy is a website that offers online courses about real world skills. They have over 6 million students learning across 25000 courses – that’s a big audience! We can leverage this audience to our benefit by doing the following:

Fire up the Udemy website ( and pop the topic you want to write about into the search bar. Let’s presume we have a website that teaches people about working from home or becoming a freelancer. One such topic might be copywriting, so let’s enter “copywriting” into the search bar on the website. You’ll be presented with a list of courses on copywriting and at the top right you’ll see some sorting controls, choose to sort by “Number of Students”. This provides us with insight into which courses are the most popular not by just ratings, but by actual people who are willing to pay to learn:

Let’s click on the “Become a Freelance Copywriter: Make money from home” course:

As you can see, the course has 19,281 students enrolled and if that’s not enough, 84 people have rated the course leaving it with a 5/5 star rating. This is clearly a hugely popular course – people want to learn to make money at home by being a copywriter. What do we have? We have a potential topic for our blog which we know is popular around the world. Spend time looking at several different courses and find a mix of topics that possibly could be combined and used to write a compelling piece of content for your blog.

This is just one way to find out what topics the public are interested in and we would suggest looking at several different websites to broaden your understanding of what people want to read within your industry.