ANA Airlines – Take Off Mobile Application

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The airline industry constantly innovates and seeks opportunities to heighten brand awareness. ANA Airlines identified that 72% of flyers are nervous before taking off on a plane, so they went about creating a mobile application that assists people before take off by easing their anxiety by keeping their minds stimulated.

ANA Airlines Take Off Mobile Application

The concept is best shown in this video:

This is a fantastic campaign by ANA Airlines, it’s surprising that the YouTube video has only been watched 16,000 or so times. We’d have imagined a far greater uptake based on their statistics. However, with many airlines you’re not allowed your mobile device one the plan is taking off, so perhaps that’s put a spanner in the works. Nevertheless, it’s a great idea, wonderful brand building exercise and we’re sure that a lot of people have benefited from it!

Well done ANA Airlines, we dig this.