Heart-warming Ad Teaches Us That 'Love Has No Labels'

By the Editor In Thunder Thursday No comments

This truly heart-warming advert by the Ad Council, which has gone viral, aims to teach us that ‘Love Has No Labels’. The campaign challenges us to embrace our diversity and put aside all labels, by raising our awareness about our bias and prejudice. It teaches us that we are all prone to making snap judgments about people based on what we see, and that sometimes we are unaware that we are even making these judgments. The website then goes on to challenge all those who feel they are unbiased to take a quiz to test this theory. It also provides you with first-hand stories of people who have experienced bias and provides you with tips on how to stop bias behaviour.

The video shows x-ray skeletons of various pairs off people kissing, dancing, hugging or even just holding hands behind a screen, those people then step out from behind the screen to greet the audience. The audience are at first surprised to see a lesbian couple on stage but they quickly accept it, a message then promptly appears on the screen stating that “Love Has No Gender”. All the couples are either disabled, mixed race, LGBT and inter faith people who love each other no matter what their race is or whether they have a disability or not.

The message is that of love and how love has no bias or prejudice. In the end it reminds us that when you take away peoples outer appearances and perceptions it is a lot easier to accept people.