AdWords: Countdown Timer

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This isn’t brand new, but most advertisers aren’t using this functionality yet, despite it being incredibly beneficial. One of Google’s new ad customisers includes the ability to include a countdown timer in your Google AdWords advert. So if you’re running a promotion and there’s a time limit, you can actually include a countdown timer in your advert. Human’s hate missing out, leverage FOMO to get those clicks.

When you’re setting up your advert, simply type “{=” into the description line, set up your parameters and your adverts will automatically update with the correct countdown time remaining. Here’s an example:

Google announced that some trial campaigns saw a 32% uplift in Click Through Ratio (CTR) as well as a conversion increase of 3% for static adverts.

Give it a bash, we’re sure that an additional 3% would look good on your bottom line.