Friskies 'Dear Kitten' Super Bowl Advert

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If you like cats then you are sure to love the Friskies ‘Dear Kitten’ web series that launched in June last year. Since then there has been 7 videos in the series, the latest of which was launched during this years Super Bowl. Each video plays out a scene in which an old cat, voiced by Ze Frank, gives advice to a kitten.

In the original video the older cat starts off by saying “Dear Kitten, since I have hissed at you the customary 437 times, it is now my duty as the head of the household to—begrudgingly—welcome you.” Which then follows with the older cat giving the kitten advice about the household and how the kitten should hide from the vacuum (va-cooomb). Since the original launch of the first ‘Dear Kitten’, the original web series has seen over 20 million views.

In the latest ‘Dear Kitten’ advert, the older cat explains to the kitten how things get strange during the “Big Game” and he gives the kitten advice on how to act during the game. This not only marks the first time Friskies will advertise during the Super Bowl, but it’s the first time BuzzFeed, digital publishers, have made a TV commercial. Jonathan Perelman, vice president of BuzzFeed Motion Pictures has stated that he doesn’t think brands will immediately turn to digital publishers to create their adverts, he does however see that changing over time. Perelman said “I’m sure it will happen in the future. Ideas will be incubated, data-driven online, and then it will move into campaigns we’ll see on air during the Big Game or other on-air events,” he said. “[Publishing online] is a way to build an audience, and you can simply move that into a different format, say, television.”

This is the extended version of the 60 second advert that was launched during the Super Bowl.

They also released a follow up advert, where the old cat is giving the kitten advice about not going into the bedroom during the game as he believes people disappear when they go in there. The older cat asks the questions “Why is there a pile of coats in the bedroom and where are the people that were wearing them? Were they evaporated by some sort of ray gun? Was it their punishment for losing the Big Game?”