Friday Findings: Pinterest SEO, Mobile SEO and more!

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We’ve got a rather mixed bag today in our Friday Findings. There hasn’t been any breaking news so we’ve compiled a list of interesting articles that we feel will offer you some good value.

#1 How does Pinterest do SEO?

It’s not often that large companies write articles on how they’ve gone about doing their SEO. Pinterest is different, they’ve published on article on how they went about doing their SEO. It’s really great to hear that SEO has been one of the biggest driving factors behind Pinterest and we all know how quickly that website grew!

#2 SEO in 4 hours

SEO heavy weights, Brian Massey, Peep Laja, Angie Schottmuller, Michael Aagaard and Neil Patel are each given 4 hours to optimise a website. Read this article to find out what they would each do to achieve the best results.

#3 Mobile SEO

This is a massive guide on mobile SEO, when you open the article you’ll feel intimidated, it’s page after page after page, but it’s a really worthwhile read if you want to take mobile SEO seriously. We’ve started going through it and it’s packed with great insight and actionable tasks!

#4 CMOs rank social media marketing as top channel

We’re all plugged into social media these days, it’s no longer a choice, but rather just part and parcel of life. Because of this, it’s without a doubt that social media is a very good marketing channel to use. This article unpacks this and discusses the importance of engagement through social media.

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#5 Preparing for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s day around the corner, you’re going to want to run specials and find ways to engage with your customers who will have a shift in their mind. Melissa Feemster has written this article that explains how you can prepare for this mind shift in your customers.

Have a great weekend everyone!