Important 2015 News. Number 9 – Dreams!

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As with the start of any new year comes a lot of great information that includes recaps of the year before, predictions for the year ahead and so the list goes on. The difficult part is deciding which information is truly valuable so that we can focus on that – over the past week or two we’ve carefully collected a number of articles amongst the many that we have read and we want to share those with all of you. This will hopefully save you some time and bring you up to speed quickly.

  1. A Year in Digital Marketing – This is one of our favourite articles, it includes a great infographic along with further text in if you want to get deeper.
  2. A Year in Search – A fantastic recap of all the things that happened in search during 2014. Enjoy a trip down memory lane with this one.
  3. What Will Happen to Google in 2015 – Does Google have anything to worry about during 2015? Are Facebook, Apple, Amazon and the likes a threat? This article covers this wonderfully.
  4. Viral Videos of 2014 – As the title states, this post showcases the top viral videos of 2014.
  5. A Teenagers View of Social Media – This is probably one of the most popular articles of 2015, we’ve seen it appear on all social channels by hundreds of people. It’s a very interesting read and is well worth the 10 minutes it takes.
  6. SEO in 2015 – Enjoy this slide deck that looks at how search has changed and what we need to plan for, for the year ahead.
  7. How Must Content Marketing Change in 2015 – With “content marketing” being such a buzz word over the past couple of years, everyone has caught onto it and because of this, it needs to change. This article looks at 4 ways in which this must happen.
  8. The State of SEO & Search in 2015 – Another great article that looks at SEO and Search for the year ahead. In this article the author asks industry leaders for their opinion.
  9. Must Attend Conferences of 2015 – Looking to do some traveling and want to attend some of the greatest conferences, then this list is for you. The article showcases 15 of the top conferences for the year ahead.
  10. Top Posts of 2014 – Each year Moz recaps their top bloggers and blog posts of the year that has passed. This is a great resource if you’re looking for a lot of reading.

We hope that this carefully filtered list of articles will provide you with some great reading material over the next few days and bring you up to speed with what has happened, what might happen and what we need to do in the world of digital marketing.

Happy 2015!