Friday Findings: Your Weekend Reading

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Last week for Friday Findings we focused on PPC related articles and insight so if you missed that do go and have a read. This week we’ve sifted in and amongst Kim Kardasian’s bottom to try and find some useful reading material for this weekend. The biggest announcement this week was that of Google announcing the new Mobile-Friendly tag in their search results.

Apple Search

We’re going to cover a mixed bag this week as we’ve found some really good articles that are well worth the read:

  1. Do the people in your team work remotely? A question was asked on to determine what struggles or benefits people are experiencing. The insight is really good and it sparks up a lot of talking points.
  2. Ever wondered how you could structure a marketing team of any size? HubSpot have taken a good crack at this and have outlined how they feel it should be done. You can read about that by clicking here.
  3. When you meet a client to get a brief on what they want for their new website, there are 7 important questions to ask so you get the right insight.
  4. Does your website send out confirmation emails for anything? These emails are usually ignored and it’s actually really important to get them right because they hold a lot of value. This article tackles this topic and offers some great examples and opinion.
  5. If you’re launching a new product and are interested in how you might be able to use Twitter to assist you with this, you will appreciate this article.
  6. Is Apple building a search engine?

We wish you a lovely weekend!