Thunder Thursday: "Don't Google It"

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Advertising agency DDB Brussels teams up with Belgium medical site Gezondheid en Wetenschap, with the Flemish government’s support, to create an advert that encourages people not to Google their medical symptoms. In order to accomplish this task they bought Google AdWords adverts for the top 100 symptoms that people search for. For example if you searched for symptoms for a twitching eye lid you would be presented with the advert “Don’t Google it, check a reliable source” and then you would be directed to the Gezondheid en Wetenschap website.
Don't google it

It is so easy to forget that when you are searching on the internet, you aren’t always presented with the truth and that often you are being shown information written by people just like us, who are looking for answers and giving their opinion on what they think the solution is. This adverts makes you realise that when it comes to health and wellness, we should leave it to the professionals.