GMail announces Inbox

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During the course of this week, the GMail team announced a new product offering that has been in the works for quite some time. This new offering is called Inbox and the aim is to offer you a new inbox, and inbox that was designed to focus on what is most important to you.

Gmail Inbox

I remember when email started to become popular and I remember when literally every single person had an email account. Email has evolved, more so than anyone could have ever guessed and the GMail team have recognised this too. The information age that we all live in presents the problem of easily missing important matters in and amongst all the email we receive.

Before we look at some of the features it makes sense to have a watch of their video, “The inbox that works for you”:

The 3 specific USP’s that the GMail team focused on are:

Bundles: The grouping of similar messages together, such as receipts. Further to this you can train Inbox to know what messages to group together.

Highlights: This feature emphasises important matters in your inbox, flight itineraries, event information and even documents. On top of this, Inbox will find related information from the web and bring it into Inbox for you, elaborating on your information and offering you more value.

Reminders/Assists/Snooze: Reminders allow you to remember absolutely anything, never miss something important again. Assists do exactly that, they assist. If you’ve set a reminder to book a flight, assist will find the telephone number that you need to call and provide it to you. Snooze is the feature that GMail actually needs really badly, Streak works, but using a third party extention isn’t ideal. Snooze allows you to hide emails until a later date and then pops them up at the top of your inbox.

Google are slowly inviting people to use their new software, but if you can’t wait, you can email to get an invitation.

This is going to be interesting, we hope it’s a success and that more and more integration takes place.