Shell creates a football field that is powered by the players

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Shell has partnered with Brazilian soccer player Pelé to provide the favella (slum) residents in Brazil with a first of its kind soccer field. The soccer field has been designed so that it lights up when the players on the field move. In order to accomplish this task Shell has equipped the field with 200 high tech underground tiles that capture the kinetic energy created by each players movement. The kinetic energy then gets stored and combined with the energy from the solar panels located on the side of the field. This allows the field to be lit up at night so that residents can play their much loved football until their hearts desire. This project forms part of the #makethefuture campaign by Shell.

Soccer legend Pelé who joined Shell to officially open the pitch, said, “Football is Brazil’s biggest passion and the sport has gone through so much technological innovation since the last time I played. This new pitch shows the extraordinary things possible when science and sport come together. The Morro da Mineira community will now be able to use this sports facility as a safe gathering place – all thanks to the floodlights powered by the community’s football players.”

It is really fantastic to see a corporate company that often gets scrutinized, do something good for the people.