Friday Findings: Huge LinkedIn Publishing Platform Study

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Friday’s seem to arrive faster and faster as the year goes by. There are so many interesting and useful digital marketing topics happening that it’s nearly impossible to squeeze them all in. So this week we’ve done our best to isolate four articles that we feel are most interesting and important.

Write with all your ability!

#1 – Content Distribution

“content marketing” is a marketing buzz word, but behind the word is an important aspect of digital marketing. Website’s can no longer perform (or at least most can’t) at the top of their game in search engines without a certain level of content generation. Too many businesses focus their time on writing the content, but not on then distributing it. After all the time spent writing a really great article, what’s the point if it’s not distributed and people don’t get the read it? This topic was approached on and a number of people have weighed in their views, it’s a good read.

#2 – Getting Interviewed

Not every business has a large budget for online marketing, but this doesn’t mean you cannot amplify your product or service into the public. One of the strongest ways to do this is to get interviewed on a popular website. Imagine you’re a wedding photographer and a popular website about weddings interviews you – chances are you’ll get incredible exposure in a place where the target audience is just perfect. Getting into a position of being interviewed isn’t easy, but this article takes a stab at assisting you with some insight in how to get interviewed by popular blogs.

#3 – LinkedIn Publishing Analysed

If you’re a regular LinkedIn user you’ll have noticed that they have rolled out their publishing platform and that a lot of people are taking advantage of it. It was a long time coming and now we’re trying to establish what people are publishing and what is working best so we can achieve the most value from our hard work. OkDork have published an article on this very topic where they analysed the 3,000 most successful LinkedIn publishing posts. This is an action packed post that covers things such as how long your article titles should be, whether you should use visuals in your articles and a great deal more (this is a long but hugely valuable and packed with useful graphs!).

#4 – Great Visual Resources

Not to give a spoiler or anything for the LinkedIn information above, but the conclusion about visual impact is that it is very important. On that note, Social Media Examiner has published a lovely article that showcases 8 visual content apps that you can use to create stunning images. The article provides lots of useful resources to free stock photograph websites, colour palette pickers and much more.

We wish you all a wonderful weekend!