KLM connects people through the perfect High Five

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KLM and the Dutch-based advertising agency Eigen Fabrikaat embarked on a campaign that aimed to unite people across the ocean. To do this they created two live interactive outdoor installations that allowed people in New York to connect with people in Amsterdam. The two screens used HD video and audio technology to encourage a spontaneous interaction between two complete strangers that are 5793 KM apart. Each screen was equipped with a camera, touch screen and a speaker.

The strangers were then told that if they completed the perfect high five, at the same time they would each win a return flight to the others city. This task encouraged thousands of strangers to work together to achieve a simple sounding task in order to receive a fantastic prize.

Dimitri Hubregtse and Michael Kouwenhoven, creatives at Eigen Fabrikaat, stated that “The power of the high five lies in the spontaneous character of this worldwide gesture. But we soon learned that making the perfect high five is not as easy as it sounds. So when the high five is indeed executed perfectly, you feel it straight away! That shared emotion was a perfect foundation for a game that crosses borders.”

In the past KLM have provided us with fantastic examples of great digital campaigns and they definitely haven’t disappointed this time around. Past campaigns include KLM: Live Reply and KLM:Suprise. It really is fantastic to see a company use technology to unite complete strangers in such a way that it creates a little bit of magic.