SEO results for the short term rental industry

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We’ve been looking after a website for some time now and as of March this year we were tasked with taking things up a notch before the holiday season arrives. We set out with a plan of action and got cracking. We’re really pleased to be able to share our results.

Out of respect for our partner we won’t be disclosing who the partner is nor what the website address is, but we can tell you that it’s in the short term rental industry.

Here is a look at the organic traffic (ie. people who came to the website from search engines) from the past several months:

Organic Website Searches

Here is a look at the actual leads that the website has generated between the start of April and the beginning of September:

Goal Completions

Here is a look at the overall traffic to the website including social media, referring websites and direct traffic:

Overall Traffic

We’d also like to share some comparative data as that gives you a point of reference so in the next few charts we’ll be comparing to the same time period but for 2013.

Overall Traffic:


Overall Visitor Comparison

Organic Traffic:

Search Traffic


Goal Comparisons

As you can imagine, we’re really thrilled with the results and so is our partner – things have been set up fantastically for the start of summer where we’re expecting further growth.