Thunder Thursday:IKEA experiments with time travel

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IKEA has decided to experiment with the concept of time travel for their latest digital campaign. You may be wondering how they do this, well the answer is that they enlisted the help of Justin Tranz (hypnotist) who hypnotized a young couple into believing that they were in the future. In order to make the experiment feel real for the couple being hypnotized, they bought in a couple of actors who pretended to be their future family members. Guided by the hypnotist, the couple began to experience a peak into a few iconic moments of their future.

The release of this new campaign is in support of their latest catalogue that is centered around the theme “Where the Everyday Begins & Ends”. “In the new IKEA catalogue you can find solutions for every episode in life”, says Johan Wickmark, Global Catalogue Manager.

IKEA have also released interviews with the couple and Justin Tranz.