Speed up your company research with Cerebro

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Last week for Work Wednesday we spoke about our quick website audit tool and we’re going to stick to the topic of useful applications. This week it’s about snooping!

A new Google Chrome extension called Cerebro has surfaced on the Internet and is attracting a fair bit of attention already. Cerebro provides you with more information about a company when you visit their website. So in other words, when you visit a company website, Cerebro will load a sidebar on the website and include information about the company such as a brief description, key people and the founding date.

The extension is very new still and we ran into a few of problems (it doesn’t work on all websites, it feels a little interruptive and there doesn’t seem to be a quick way to turn it off), but on a number of websites it did extract some good information about the company. Here are some screenshots of various company profiles with the Cerebro sidebar enabled:

The person behind the extension says that in future he wants to include estimated budget, services used and Salesforce integration. The sky is the limit with this sort of thing really and we’re looking forward to seeing how it goes.