'If you Care, Care for the Wild' staring the cats of the internet

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In this weeks Thunder Thursday we are going to show you a brilliant, but odd video that is being used to help raise money and awareness for Care for the Wild. Care for the wild is a charity that rescues, protects and defends all wildlife.

Care for the Wild decided to partner with JWT London, who came up with the idea to use the popularity of cats on the internet to their advantage. This idea brought about the creation of Cat Aid, which is  the parody of Live Aid. Cat Aid was then used to help create awareness about the declining population of lions and tigers all over the world. The video then goes on to state that with both species under threat from poachers and hunters it is likely that they will face extinction within the next 20 years.

Christiano Neves of JWT London adds “There is no denying the popularity of YouTube cats. They dance, they hide, they do silly things and they always have millions and millions of views,” he says, “So why not use these cats to deliver a serious message: if you care, care for the wild.”

All money raised by this video will go to Care For the Wild.

To help raise awareness for this video use #CatAid and if you would like to donate money click here or download the song via iTunes.