Adobe teaches us not to go Woo Woo for every new platform

By the Editor In Thunder Thursday 2 Comments

In today’s society social media has become a tool that most businesses can’t live without, but due to its fast paced nature getting the balance right has proved to be quite a challenge for many. While some companies manage to keep their heads above the water, others tend to sink in the chaos that is social media. In this amusing video Adobe tries to display the difficulties that come with social media and how you can’t just go all in on the first new trend that pops up.

The video starts out with two marketing executives who overhear a conversation about a platform called Woo Woo (please note this is a fictitious platform) in the elevator. The conversation leads the two marketing executives to believe that Woo Woo is the next big thing and that everyone is on Woo Woo. The two executives then take this information and decide to go all in on Woo Woo.

To find out what happens next in this humorous depiction of social media, watch the video.

It just goes to show how important it is that you do the proper research and that you take the time to get to know what your audience is doing online.