Trending Tuesday: Teens Light themselves on Fire for Fame

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So this week on Trending Tuesday we are going to be discussing the extremely questionable and rather silly internet trend that seems to be going around.  The trend I am referring to requires teens to light themselves on fire in the name of fame. Now I know some of you are probably reading this and assuming they are lighting their clothes or hair on fire, but no they are not. They have decided to rather apply flammable substance to their skin and then set their skin alight.

Recently a 15 year old from Kentucky sustained  second degree burns after participating in the #FireChallenge  his video called “Fire Challenge Gone Wrong” has reached 646,099 views in six days. He later appears in a follow up Vine video showing his bandaged stomache in the hope that others will learn from his mistakes.

Sometimes the internet is full of awesome things like Leonardo DiCaprio, and at other times, it is filled with stupidity like this.