Thunder Thursday: Routine Interruptions

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So it seems Heineken has decided to throw out  their old marketing tricks of using the fictional James Bond character for all their advertising and have decided to replace it with a much newer and far better concept. In the past couple of weeks they have added two real life celebrities to their marketing campaigns.

Their first campaign features Neil Patrick Harris and is promoting the launch of the new Heineken light in a rather light-hearted kind of way (no pun intended). Their latest campaign “Cities of the World”  is being released by Heineken  in separate  phases. The first phase of the campaign is called “Routine Interruptions” and stars Fred Armisen (comedian). In this clip Fred Armisen is anonymously calling  a payphone, which is across the street from the Comedy Cellar in NYC where he is preforming a live show, to see who picks up. The few people that picked up and dared to cross the street were then invited on stage with Fred Armiseen.

As part of the campaign Heineken are encouraging people to enter their phone numbers at their designated website. The brand then promises to call thousands of its entrants to take part in activities which they describe as  “cultural activities that inspire them to try something new” some of the rewards for taking part in the campaign include a private concert in a living room.