Findings Friday: A mixed bag

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On Friday we welcome a new staff member to our team, Christie. It was an incredibly busy day and we didn’t have a chance to write up a Findings Friday post, but there’s been plenty of interesting information floating around the web so rather late then never.

Introducing Organic Tweet Analytics

If you’re a big Twitter user or you manage the Twitter account of a brand you’ll be excited to see that for the first time you’ll now be able to gain access an enhanced Tweet activity Dashboard which provides measurable insights into how your organic tweets are performing. Read More.

Google Rewrites Quality Rating Guide

The Quality Rating Guide refers to how Google’s team rate websites around the Internet. As you can imagine, this is incredibly important for anyone who is interested in what your website needs to perform well on the Internet. Anyone who practises SEO should have read this already! Read More.

6 Must Have Google Analytics Filters

Google Analytics fans will be excited to see a lovely PDF file that outlines 6 fantastic filters that they can use in Google Analytics. These filters include filters to manage domain / hostname, mobile and non-mobile, (not provided), directories and subdirectories, and more. Read More.

9 LinkedIn Marketing Tips from the Pros

LinkedIn seems to get more and more popular as the months go by, it’s possibly one of the most ground-breaking niche social networks. If you’re a LinkedIn user then you’ll enjoy this article, which offers up some excellent tips. Read More.

We hope you find this week’s findings useful!