Friday Findings: Right To Be Forgotten

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While this one doesn’t really hit home in South Africa, there are interesting ramifications for the newly introduced “Right To Be Forgotten” law passed in the European Parliament.

Allow us to explain first of all. In very simple terms, if a piece is factually inaccurate or essentially defamation of character, then this article could be requested to be removed if it was not new or fresh. This means that older pieces of content can be requested to essentially be de-indexed from the search engine. The content does not disappear from the web, it is just removed from the index of Google – unsearchable.

We are still getting our head around how this affects us locally or how this could be introduced in the future across the globe, but right now, we are scratching our heads at Merrill Lynch.

Venture Beat has an interesting article which goes into the ramifications of human rights etc about the latest case involving Stan O’Neal, former CEO of Merrill Lynch. Our sneaky SEO minds are wondering how this might get leveraged by blackhat marketers around the world. Bye, bye to some higher volume deeper pages if they are really persistent.

In other news: