Work Wednesday: Duplicator WordPress Plugin

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In the past 30 days we’ve launched 5 WordPress websites and this usually involves a great deal of work when it comes to migrating files between staging and live servers. Fortunately we’re using a fantastic WordPress plugin called Duplicator to assist us in doing this and we’ve saved countless hours and headaches thanks to the plugin.

WordPress Duplicator is a easy-to-install plugin that allows you to create a package of your site on the staging server that includes the details of where the website is to be migrated to. In other words, if you have a staging server and need to move the entire WordPress website to another server, you’d log into the staging server, create a package with the details of the new server and the plugin would give you a package and an install file. You then upload the package to the new server and run the easy install file – presto!

To show the ease of this plugin, the developers have created a video that will run you through it:

This is truly one of the best WordPress plugins that we use and we highly recommend it to any WordPress developers who use testing or staging servers before deploying to live.

One of the best things? It’s free! You can download a copy here.