Thunder Thursday: Dear Kitten

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Traditionally on Thursday’s we publish a digital marketing related campaign, but today we’re going to publish something that isn’t too digital but still has the perfect tie into the Internet world. We all know how popular kittens are on the Internet, what better than marketing a brand that is able to directly market to this interest group. Enter Friskies, Brand Premium Cat Food by Purina.

Just a few days ago, a video by Friskies was published on YouTube entitled “Dear Kitten”. This video has gone absolutely viral – I shared it on my Facebook account and within minutes it had received a number of shares and my contribution was similar to many of my friends because my Facebook feed continually showed the video. The statistics speak for themself:

That’s a pretty incredible graph if you ask me. Ok ok, I’m going off topic, here’s the video:

Moral of the story: Watch out for vacoom! 😉