Thunder Thursday: NSPCA Riding The Coat Tails

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It is Thursday and that means it is time to take a look at a campaign that has been making waves and leaving an impression. This time, we have chosen something a little less digitally focused, but it is a campaign that has received massive recognition across South Africa through social media. Without the power of social and digital channels, this campaign wouldn’t have been nearly as affective. The power of the country being connected allowed this campaign to spread far further than its budget allowed, and make an impact in areas that the campaign wasn’t even being physically run in! Well played NSPCA!



The NSPCA devised this brillant campaign where they realized the power of the national elections and tried to use the leverage created by the numerous political parties to try and further their own advertising. This campaign is so simple in its execution, but yet quite brilliant in its idea and the campaign in its entirety.

As you can see from the images above, it looks like the leading political candidates are holding animals and with the NSPCA boards being of the same colour schemes, it looks like the political parties have aligned themselves with the NSPCA. I am not sure if there are any legal issues with this campaign, but I doubt the NSPCA really mind due to the attention that these posters have gathered from across the country.