Friday Findings: Google might rewrite your title tag

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It’s the end of another week so it’s time to share some interesting findings for the past week in Friday Findings. This week we’re looking at another announcement from Google, but this time it’s about title tags. Google’s head of spam, Matt Cutts, recently published a new Webmaster video and this time he’s talking about something you may have already seen – your title tags appearing differently in the search results to what you actually set them too. Google’s thoughts are that it can change your title tag to better suit the query searched for by the person searching, thus increasing the click through rate to your web page. There are 3 main reasons why Google may do this:

  1. Something that is “relatively” short
  2. Have a good description of the page and “ideally” the site that the page is on.
  3. That it is relevant to the query.

“If your existing title tag fits the criteria, then Google will most likely use your title tag. If not, then Google may use (1) content on your page, (2) anchor text links pointing to the page and/or (3) may also use the Open Directory Project.”

Have a watch of the video if you’re interested:

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