McVitie’s Shoot The Cookies

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In 1830 Robert McVitie opened a shop in Rose Street, Edinburgh. The basement of the shop was converted into a bakery and so was the McVitie brand born. Following Robert’s death, his son Robert Junior took over the business and this was the start of the huge company as we know it today. The story of McVitie is an interesting one and well worth the read (link removed). We’re not going to talk about that here, but rather showcase a new campaign that was recently launched for the McVitie brand: Shoot the Cookies Chrome Extension.

The concept is simple, download the extension (extension has been removed), activate it and shoot all the cookies on your computer that track your Internet usage. Sounds fun doesn’t it? Take a watch:

A highly engaging and viral campaign that really does create hugely well-aligned brand awareness! The campaign video has only been watched 4600 odd times, but we’re sure this is going to get boosted by all the press, and it was only published on August 14 so there’s plenty of time. The #ShootTheCookies hashtag is being used a great deal and a simple Google search will reveal the sheer quantity of brand mentions and backlinks the campaign is driving.