Thunder Thursday: Happy Beer Time

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It’s almost Friday and of course, beer ‘o clock is on the mind for a lot of us. What better way to introduce a fantastic social activation by Carlsberg: Happy Beer Time.

The premise is straight forward, but the result is just excellent. Carlsberg supplies bars with USB drives that plug into the bar’s already existing television. Whilst Happy Beer Time is running, everyone in the bar gets great deals on beers whilst the count down timer commences. But it doesn’t stop there, each time a person at the bar snaps a photograph and publishes it to Instragram with the hashtag #HappyBeerTime, their photograph is published to the television AND additional time is added to the count down timer.

This is best shown in a video:

The more photographs published, the longer the timer takes, the more the crowd can drink at a discount and the more publicity Carlsberg and the bar gets!

Brilliant offline to online activation.