Cover Concepts Winners & Truly Embarrassing Stories

By the Editor In Office Life 2 Comments

Our latest and greatest competition with Cover Concepts has just come to a close, and I must say, this is probably the most amusing competition that we have run. There were many fits of giggles within the iMod Digital office at some of the entries, and unfortunately we could only pick two, but these two really did leave us snorting hysterically. Good luck trying to keep a straight face when reading these two…

Unfortunately we have decided to spare some blushes and not release the names of our winners, but I am sure both of them appreciate being sparred the embarrassment. Right, enough dibble-dabble – let’s get to the winning stories.

Story 1

One day after a particularly heavy night of boozing I had to meet my girlfriend in a mall with 2 of her girlfriends I had never met before. With head pounding and stomach trying to churn butter I went to meet her to make a good impression to her friends. While walking in the mall on the way to the cafe for a bite I felt a wee bubble brewing in the nether regions, I hung back a bit to let the bubble free. Unfortunately, unless farts are lumpy, I had follow through and wearing shorts meant I had limited time until the whole mall knew what went down. I ran to the closest bathroom, locked myself in a stall and dropped the shorts to asses the situation – thankfully the aftermath of my drinking had not breached my boxers, i whipped everything off, cleaned up, tossed the boxers in the loo and put my shorts back on going commando. Pro tip for everyone reading this…. Boxers DO NOT flush!!! as the water level started rising i had no choice but to shove my arm into the toilet and help it along. after scrubbing my arm clean in the hand basin I went to red square on the way back to the cafe to at least smell like I have some form of dignity left. The rest of the day I was too scared to even cough.

Story 2

So yeah when I was 6 I was going to be the flower girl in my aunts wedding I was sooo excited!… then while I was walking down the isle all of my flowers got stuck to the bottom, not 2 bad right… wrong! I turned the basket over and started banging on the bottom next thing I know all of the flowers were on the ground! I was so embarrassed that I ran out the door that the bride was going to come in! My shoe was unexpectedly caught on her dress but she didn’t know and I didn’t want to ruin her day so I just pranced in behind her on 1 foot… then I fell into her ! We both went tumbling down the isle and guess what there more is! I had been crying so much that while I rolled over her snot went piling on her face!!!!!!! That was officially the worst day of my life!

I don’t know how people come up with these stories, but I don’t think any script writer could have come up with any better gems! I am still crying to catch my breath! The winners have been notified by email and we hope that you guys love your prize and hope that you will be covered the next time you find yourself in an embarrassing situation.