Custom URLs for Google+ Accounts

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It has been a long time coming, Google have finally started to roll out custom URLs for Google+ accounts that are established. By established, the criteria appear to be: 30+ days old, have 10 followers and a profile photograph. On top of this, brands and businesses may also receive a custom URL if it has a linked website or is a verified local business.

iMod Digital was notified by email yesterday as follows:

Google Plus Custom URL

Google will have to process millions of emails so if you haven’t received yours yet it’s probably best to remain patient. Alternatively, if you’ve only just started exploring Google+ or had forgotten about your account then we recommend you take the time to match these criteria to qualify for the custom URL:


  • Account is 30+ days old.
  • A profile picture is loaded.
  • You have 10 followers.


  • Link your website to the Google+ page, or
  • Get your local business verified.

A custom URL is just another way of potentially increasing your visibility within the most used search engine on the Internet.

A more official statement may be read here: