iD HQ Rad Add: Invaders Stickaz

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I take my role very seriously here at iMod Digital. Chief office decorator colouring guy dude person has many perilous challenges and obstacles but I battle forward and continue to slay the evil that was once barren, white & boring walls.

My latest work is thanks to the fantastic people over at Stickaz.

See, I didn’t realize it at first, but I have put the office in grave danger. I have welcomed 15 deathly dangerous invaders into our realm and they have taken over a corner wall in the office! See for yourself!



Yes we have a Batman clock and you are extremely jealous, we know.

We saw these guys online and before we could even think, the buy button was hit and the credit card had been swipped. There was no second guessing required – well, not until we realized how we had to put them up. Yes, my friends those are pixel by pixel one block at a time.

But come on, how rad do they look even if they took me a few hours to put up?

They guys over at Stickaz have a number of rocking things that you can buy and put up to decorate your space with. We had a couple stickers left over and decided to make our very own Nyan Cat!

Now where was that credit card again…