Using Vine to increase your social engagement

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Vine, a mobile application owned by Twitter that enables its users to create and post short 6-second video clips is one of the new additions to the social media world. Due to its infancy, brands are still investigating how it could be integrated into various marketing campaigns. Car manufacturer, Honda, have embraced Vine and recently used it to triple their social engagement!

Honda were running a summer clearance sale and decided to use Vine as a way to approach new customers. Several users on Twitter who were using the #WantNewCar hashtag were given their own 6-second video in response by Honda. Because the videos are so short, Honda was able to produce and respond in almost real-time to the Twitter users which allowed for the creation of conversation.

Statistics wise, the hashtag #WantNewCar was used just short of 7,000 times by roughly 5,500 users – this resulted in 14.8 million Twitter impressions!

Here are some examples of people using the hashtag, with Honda then responding with their videos:



And as always, the aftermath of the campaign is incredible. Go and do a search for Honda Vine on Google and see how many results there are! Or, search Twitter for #WantNewCar and you can see that people are still using the hashtag on a daily basis.

An incredible campaign, huge respect to Honda for embracing this new social channel!