iD HQ Rad Add: Startup Vitamin Posters

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The second post in our iMod Digital Rad Add series, after our Sodastream unboxing, is one that has added some colour to the office while adding a touch of inspiration for us.

We have spent quite some time designing the layout of the office and how we wanted to create an environment that stimulates us from a creative side but also from a business side, and these new bad boys really do just that.

We found some fantastic posters from Startup Vitamins and immediately fell in love and before we knew it, the credit card was out and the posters were ordered!


Once they arrived, we headed out to SA Framing at Century City and got our sexy new swag in some swanky minimalist frames with all four only costing R1300 with a turn around time faster than Clark Kent dashing into the phone booth to change into his undies…I mean errr… costume.

Once we had them up after our great challenge to hang things properly and arguing whether they were straight or not, we sent some tweets to @startupvitamins of our sexy posters. Almost instantly they had updated their gallery and our muscular Head of Inbound Marketing, James (who didn’t write this post, I swear 😉 ) managed to sneak himself into one picture and got “stuff” done so to speak.


The only slight issue that we had with them was the delay in shipping once we had ordered the prints to the time of delivery. What did impress us though was how lightning fast and efficient their support was via both email and twitter. They jumped right on our query and followed up faster than Tyson Gay when we was on steroids*.


Seriously, go ahead and check them out and jazz up your office or home with some really impressive prints. No, there was no discount included for writing this post, we just <3 them that much.

Stay tuned for more in our iD HQ Rad Add series!

*Too early?