O2's £10mil Be More Dog campaign

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O2 have splashed out £10,000,000 pounds on a new campaign that will hopefully bolster them further into the mobile space. The campaign which runs at bemoredog.co.uk allows you to embrace your inner dog.

A pretty incredible feature is that you’re able to sync your mobile device with their website and then use it to throw a frisbee (as in slinging your phone at the computer screen) at the cat who then jumps and grabs it! Click the image below to give it a try:

How’s that for an offline to online activation?

Another hilarious part of the campaign is the Dog Bomb which allows you to select who the bomb is for, choose a cat, choose a dog and then the website compiles a short video that you can send to your friends via a unique link, Twitter or Facebook.

Try it yourself:

Brilliant campaign that makes use of Mobile, Television, Social Media and all sorts of other channels.

Thumbs up to O2 for this!