Linking our AdWords and Analytics accounts got easier

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For a long time linking your Google AdWords and Google Analytics accounts hasn’t been the easiest process. Google have tutorials, but for people who aren’t overly familiar with the platforms, the tutorials are still complicated and involve multiple steps. The good news is that Google has now made this process easier and there’s a quick 4 minute video tutorial that will assist you:

Google will be rolling this out over the next few weeks so don’t panic if you can’t do it just yet.

What are the benefits of linking your accounts?

  1. Forget about tagging your links, you’ll be able to import your Analytics goals into AdWords.
  2. Better understand your sites performance with site engagement statistics.
  3. Enjoy the amplification of remarking with Google Analytics.
  4. Import your AdWords data into Analytics for a better understanding of advert performance.

We recommend that anyone who is using AdWords and Analytics should have their accounts linked.