iD HQ Rad Add: Sodastream

By the Editor In Office Life 1 Comment

Welcome to our latest addition to the iMod Digital HQ: Sodastream

I can hear the trumpets playing, the red carpet being rolled out, but best of all, I can hear the fizzzzz!

We were sent this awesome Sodastream machine from the legends themselves. These new bad boys haven’t even hit the shelves yet, but we were like small children at a five year old’s birthday party just playing with the fizz mechanism as soon as we got it out of the box. We are not sure if there is any fizz left after our Director, Chris, was done playing…



Aaah she is a beauty and even in the sexy iMod Digital colours. Prrrrr!

We got sent a whole bunch of yummy flavours to try and I can see lots of dental work will be required in the future, but who cares, it is going to be totally worth it!



Sodastream are following in the footsteps of Rascals, who last year decided the 90’s was missed a little too much and should be brought back to ensure now young adults get to relive the awesomesauce of those fond years.

All we can say is fizzzzzzz!