Tutorial: A Keyword Selection Efficiency Trick

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If I had a dollar for every article I read on keyword research I would be an incredibly rich man. There are so many theories behind keyword research, but so few of them actually work. One of the biggest problems is that most people don’t know how to determine whether the selected keywords will work or not.

See, when it comes to SEO, it’s never an over night success – SEO is a marathon, not a sprint after all. Today I want to teach you an efficiency, a strategy that will speed things up for you and bring your success quicker.

Most people start off by writing down a list of keywords that they think will work and they’ll run them through a tool that predicts the number of hits/clicks they’ll get. The problem is that most of these tools are inaccurate and are unable to predict what the real world is doing. So how do we avoid this?

Do your research, choose the keywords that you feel will work and head over to Google AdWords. The first step to success with keywords is to create a Google AdWords campaign. You want to create a few AdGroups with some Ads and make sure you include all your keywords in this account. Add some budget to your account and allow the account to run for several days. At the end of this you’ll have real data to work with. Look at the impressions per keyword – this is the secret! This is real-life information, the keywords getting the most impressions are more than likely going to bring you the most traffic if your site ranked at the top on Google.

AdWords Impressions

Google AdWords Impressions in AdWords Editor

Now that you know which keywords are going to get eyeballs (circled in red), you can roll out your SEO campaign.

A simple strategy like this can save you weeks, if not months! Just think about it – you roll out your SEO, get write great content, you build a few links, you create some relationships and your website ends up ranking in position 1 for your keyword, but you get no visitors! If you follow this strategy, then go through the whole process, you’ll at least know that there’s good potential that getting up to the top will bring you visitors!