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Today we’d like to give you some insight into what we’ve being doing for a client of ours who operates in a competitive niche, the commercial property niche. Our client came to us with the need to increase his rankings in Google so that he’d get more business through his website. In a day and age where rankings are becoming less important, we spent time educating him around organic traffic and conversions being about the bottom line and rankings not always being the ultimate solution. He trusted our judgement and let us get on with the job.

Organic Traffic Growth

Although we follow our 6 step SEO approach, we always come up with a strategy for each project and this is the approach we used to achieve the results above.

  1. We performed a comprehensive audit on the website. This looked at content, back links, competitors, technical matters and a long list of other criteria. From this audit we were able to compile a list of recommendations that would assist with optimizing the website.
  2. In this case, our first port of call was to rebuild the website. The website was a big mess, it had no technical on-site SEO in place and had been horribly neglected over the years. We recommended this to our client, found a solution and received the go-ahead.
  3. Once the website was rebuilt, we offered training and taught him how to manage the website with SEO in mind.
  4. In conjunction with assisting him, we implemented all the technical requirements determined from the audit.
  5. Following this, it came down to monitoring, tweaking and carefully putting a strategy together, which included the requirement to generate content.
  6. We’ve rolled out this strategy over a few months and the results speak volumes.

Of course, traffic alone is one thing, but what about the conversions? For the same period, the conversions go as follows:


It’s been a lot of work, but the return on investment is now being seen and we’re thrilled that we were given the opportunity.

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