Innovative Volkswagen SEO Campaign

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Over the years we’ve been commissioned to assist hundreds of companies with their digital strategies, specially with a focus on Inbound Marketing (What is Inbound Marketing?) of which a large concentration was on SEO. At iMod Digital we follow a process known as the DISECT process that runs over the course of six months. This strategy encompasses six phases, namely discover, implement, startegise, execute, consolidate and transcend, and it’s normally only when we get to the transcend phase that we are able to really innovate. This means that for a long period, the campaigns aren’t very exciting to the non-SEO enthusiast (the results are exciting to anyone though), but when we’re given the chance to innovate we’ve come up with some awesome ideas.

Today, we came across an incredibly innovative campaign by Volkswagen, a campaign that was powered by SEO and a campaign that’s worth spreading and sharing with the world. Guus ter Beek was the man behind an innovative campaign for Volkswagen that used SEO to do something exciting and to our knowledge, completely unique. The focus of the campaign was to use Google Images to rank images at the top of the Google Images search results. These images when displayed together formed a picture of the new Volkswagen Passat Variant. The concept came into play when someone searched for the term, “ultimate business car”.  In other words, when you searched for “ultimate business car” in Google Images, VW ranked 5 images that combined together looked like the example below:


A video has been compiled to give you a visual understanding of what they did and what it resulted in, take a watch:

We love nothing more than an innovate SEO campaign – Volkswagen’s backlink count will have sky-rocketed and their exposure will have gone through the roof. Well done Volkswagen, this is just plain awesome.

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