Soro: What is next?

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Before we get into what’s next for Social Robot, let us bring you up to speed: Soro is a web application we built in June 2012 that allows users to monitor their website’s social footprint. In layman’s terms you can monitor the amount of Facebook shares or Twitter shares (and more services) your website has received.

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As she was conceptualised, designed and then built within a week we weren’t expecting a particularly big response. We just wanted to build something that might be useful to a few folk and us, but we saw the signups pouring in when we launched her – we’ve even had signups this past week. It was a joy to watch. We’re fully aware of the potential Soro has and we’ve decided to give her our time.

So what’s the first thing we’ll be adding to Soro? When we look at Soro, we love how she monitors your progress, but we see a huge shortfall in her ability to track that progress. Currently you cannot measure your growth and you cannot compare your growth to a previous cycle. At the moment we’re just presenting you with a round figure. This is where we are going to dive in first. We’re going to add comprehensive tracking. History. Graphs. Exportable data. The works. Hopefully that’ll tickle your fancy.

If you’re a user or have any requests for Soro feel free to drop them in the comments or email us, we’re building her for you.

Note: This blog post will be part of a series focusing on our progress with Social Robot.

Another note: No matter what we add or do to Soro, she will always be free.