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Web design is so much more than just making a website look great, it’s about the user experience, brand reach and many other important aspects that will put you ahead of your competitors and enhance your footprint on the Internet. After all, your website is effectively your company on the Internet – you’d want your company to look great offline, and you’d want your customers feeling comfortable, the same should be seen of your website.

There are some incredibly important aspects to take into account when having a website made or upgraded:

  • How are people getting to your website? The number one source of potential customers to a website is via Google. This puts a strong emphasis on ensuring that the website is optimised from the beginning.
  • Are those people arriving at your website finding what they were searching for? There are so many websites on the Internet that if a person arrives and doesn’t immediately see what they’re looking for, they’ll click the back button and look at another website.
  • Is the experience presented to the person arriving at the website seamless? When a person arrives on your website, not only do they want to be pleased by what they see, they want to enjoy their experience.

A typical process of a potential customer would be as follows:

Search Engine > Website > Contact

This process could be evolved into the following:

  1. Customer searches on Google
  2. Customer arrives on your website
  3. Customer explores the website
  4. Customer enquiries about a product or service

If these 4 steps aren’t taken into account when building a website and one is left out, your website will not perform to its full potential and your investment will be a waste. iMod Digital is about creating visible and profitable websites. What this means is that we do not only create you a good looking website that’s aligned with your branding, but we ensure that it’s visible in search engines and that a person arriving at the website goes through the site easily and enquiries about your products and/or services.

Closing the loop from search to enquiry is what makes a good investment and that’s what we do.

We’ve built some websites that we’re proud of and would like to share them with you:

If you want to put your company on the world wide web or you want to enhance your look and feel or user experience, contact us and let’s talk about it.

We've Worked On

We've worked on some amazing projects with some amazing people. Have a look at what we've done.


An e-commerce store we built on the WordPress platform using WooCommerce.

Sinz read more A premium adult boutique store catering to all your seductive, intimate and naughty desires.


We’ve been involved in some really special projects and worked with some amazing people...

  • Google Google
  • Xbox Xbox
  • Web Africa Web Africa
  • Steri Stumpie Steri Stumpie
  • Standard Bank Standard Bank
  • Mr Delivery Mr Delivery
  • Fleishman-Hillard Fleishman-Hillard

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