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About Serperture

Serperture is a powerful SEO tool that was created by iMod Digital. After identifying the need for a tool that helped companies to improve their website optimisation, the Serperture concept was born. The talented team at iMod Digital brought the SERP concept into fruition, launching the Beta phase in early 2012.

How Does Serperture Help Your Business?

  • Improve your website optimisation
  • Identify potential problem areas that are affecting your results
  • Ensure that vital SEO elements are in place
  • View detailed reports on your website’s current SEO efforts
  • Increase your website traffic to ultimately convert more visitors

Who Will Benefit from Serperture?

As a user-friendly SEO tool, you do not need extensive SEO understanding to use Serperture. Any of the following will be able to benefit from this tool:

  • New SEO technicians
  • Small businesses
  • Online marketers
  • Webmasters
  • Web developers
  • SEO professionals

Have a look at Serperture by clicking here.

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