About iMod Digital

iMod Digital lives and breathes all forms of digital marketing but our biggest passion is search engine optimisation (SEO). With over a decade of experience and a long list of satisfied clients, we’ve managed to establish a strong footprint in Cape Town. In 2011 we expanded nationally and that was followed by international expansion a few years later. We have two sides to our business namely our digital marketing side that focuses on SEO and PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing and our development side, where we design and develop websites.

Our model is very simple: We focus on your bottom line and believe in achieving fantastic results through driven digital marketing tactics & strategies. If our clients are achieving success, then so are we – the only way a relationship can stand the test of time.

iMod Digital identifies with the ability to adapt and be extremely agile in order to obtain success. The landscape of digital marketing is extremely volatile and we do not believe in multi-teared management, but rather a focus on nimbly staying ahead of trends and therefore ensuring our client's number one objective is met: increased business.

Our Story

Many, many years ago (before WordPress existed!), Christopher Mills founded a blog called iMod. iMod was to be a platform whereby he would share his life with his friends and family who lived abroad, as well as to act as a platform where he practiced programming. The blog was launched before blogging became a globally recognised term and it quickly rose to being recognised as Africa's number 1 blog for marketing and technology news. The blog won back to back South Africa Blog Awards titles and led Christopher to being featured in a number of media outlets such as Business Magazine, Fair Lady, IOL, Financial Mail, ReadWriteWeb, MyBroadBand Askmen.com to name several.

This publicity meant iMod thrived to a point of reaching several hundred thousand visitors a month. Brands such as Savana, Microsoft, Momentum, Mini Cooper, Standard Bank and the likes wanted a piece of the action and become regular advertisers on the blog. It was through these relationships that Christopher pivoted the blog and instead of providing brands with a platform to grow an audience from, he took to assisting these brands with their own marketing, specifically focusing on search engine optimisation. It was this very moment that iMod the blog branched out to become iMod Digital, the globally recognised digital marketing agency that it is today.